Honda CB750 Restoration Workshop

Thinking of getting your bike restored, repaired or rebuilt with us? Take a look at some frequently asked questions.

Where do I take my motorcycle to be restored with you?

We are in the process of moving our operation to a larger facility in Royal Park where full workshop servicing/repairs and restoration work will be offered. The move will be completed mid 2017, possibly sooner.

Current work on hand limits our ability to take on a large number of jobs prior to the move – but please enquire and see what we can do.

Can I ship my bike to you for restoration?

Yes you can!

However, shipping cost is at your expense. You’ll need to send your bike to our workshop or a transport facility nearby where it can be collected.

Country customers frequently transport bikes to our workshop and we can assist with transport difficulties.

Do you restore, repair or rebuild other Honda models?

CB750 Hospital is strictly Honda CB750 SOHC only.

Do you work on other motorcycle makes?

CB750 Hospital is strictly Honda CB750 SOHC only.

How much does it cost to restore my CB750?

As we assume you would guess, restoration costs vary from bike to bike.

But for a general idea, complete, original bikes are generally cheaper to restore than modified machines.

Price is dictated by the degree of restoration, mechanical work required and parts availability.

If you fill out the enquiry form, we will be in contact to chat about your project and provide a rough estimate.

Do you sell motorcycles?

We do – depending on stock.

If we have a motorbike for sale, you’ll certainly see it on this website! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more information.

Do you consign motorcycles for sale?.

Yes we certainly do, for a small commission.


Get in touch with us to discuss how we can be of service regarding your CB750 project, or just for some friendly advice. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.